Juki LK-1900 Series

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Juki LK-1900 Series

Juki LK-1900B Series Programmable Bartack

The Juki LK-1900B series programmable bartack machine features a wide sewing area (30mm length by 40mm wide) allows the machine to sew different shapes of bartacks. The machine comes with 50 different types of tacks including semi-lunar bartacks, round bartacks, radial bartacks as well as conventional bartacks. New LK-1900B series machines are able to sew the same programmed tacks as the older LK-1900 machines.

Oil stains have been eliminated with Juki’s dry head technology. The needle bar and thread take up no longer require lubrication and only a small quantity of clean oil is feed to the hook from the oil tank.

The machines active electronic thread tension control mechanism allows the machine to adjust the needle thread tension that matches various sewing conditions such as thread, material and sewing speed. The needle thread tension can be separated according to the stitching type or portion of the seam. And when using a optional operation panel IP-410B, the needle thread tension can be set on a stitch by stitch basis.

The machines use of a direct-drive head (uses no belt) which is directly connected to a small compact AC servomotor, achieves outstanding responsiveness and stop accuracy. This helps reduce vibration and noise.